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Items with ingredients, but no recipe

I am trying to compile a cost of items to craft, For example a Grow Lamp. Which uses Charged Quartz Crystals as an ingredient. But that item does not have a price.

I would like acquire the next ingredient down that has a Price attached to it. In this case that would be Quartz Crystals.
Where in the API is there a connection between Charged Quartz Crystals and the ingredient for them, Quartz Crystals?



  • Killerassel.2197Killerassel.2197 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 7, 2019

    Since charges quartz crystals aren't crafted (Edit: in the "by a crafting discipline" sense) I doubt this "recipe" is listed anywhere in the API. Mystic forge recipes aren't listed, so charging stuff on a place of power is even more unlikely.

    You could either create a manual list or try to read such conversions from the wiki. I use its Semantic MediaWiki addon for some queries. It is a secondary source and might contain errors or be out of sync, though.

  • Correct, there is no recipe internally for Charged Quartz Crystals.

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    @Reanne.5462 The list of items that you describe is, luckily, pretty small. Its not the best solution, I'll admit, but it would be easy enough to hard code in a few "recipes" in your project. For this, whenever you see a charged quartz crystal as an ingredient, your program should just know that it requires quartz crystals, and then add the price of the required quartz crystals to the total cost of the item you want to craft.

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