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    @Turkeyspit.3965 said:
    Er...we have for a while now:

    This guy can literally one-shot you. That ANET sends us to fight this boss without so much as a holy hand grenade is unconscionable.

    I don't play fractals so i never knew about this, but that is absolutely glorious to hear about

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    @Asukai.4507 said:
    GW2 made on Unreal Engine 4.

    But the characters don't look like they're made of melty puddy.

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    @castlemanic.3198 said:

    @crepuscular.9047 said:
    oh... we have to have the part 'getting owned by a bunny' somewhere in the trailer :lol:

    Get the champion jackalope from jahai bluffs to make an appearance because dear god the huge shift from the curious bunny chase to getting my butt handed to me when it suddenly turned into a champion and literally kicked me off of the cliff. So we DO have the bunny of death actually in game.

    oh kitten, totally forgot about that bunny...

    massive zerg fighting a single bunny and get owned hard, we have to have it in the trailer :lol:

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    Make a trailer that you can join PvP in lvl 3 , without grinding :P

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    I like that 11 Million Strong tagline. I dunno how many people actively play each month, 100k or 400k or actually 11 million. But Bragging about numbers, about how many people have accounts feels like a smart plan.

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    @mortrialus.3062 said:
    I like that 11 Million Strong tagline. I dunno how many people actively play each month, 100k or 400k or actually 11 million. But Bragging about numbers, about how many people have accounts feels like a smart plan.

    Its kind of a weird subject, if someone makes some research on it they may not feel incluned to enagge with the game based on the 11mil claim.

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    Honestly, I didn't like the tourism ad with the Citadel. As a gamer, I'd just be at best momentarily, dismissively perplexed. It lacks context and engagement. Even as a GW2 player, I found it underwhelming. To make something like that work, I wonder if you'd need sharper humour and more player-type characters involved in the scene, emoting and chatting?

    One thing I never see in ads for GW2 is the gameplay. I know, gameplay can be a bad thing to try to sell a systems heavy game on, because unlike something such as a shooter, it's not immediately obvious to those unfamiliar with the game what is even happening. However putting that to one side for a moment, this game has excellent gameplay that helps it to stand out. With a bit of care this can be conveyed to anyone. Reminiscent of the old videos made before release to showcase some flavour skills for announced Professions, but reworked to suit a (shorter) ad for the game.


    • Monster winds up a deadly attack? Elementalist uses Burning Speed to move out of harms' way and causes damage. It's flashy, shows something that can be understood (a movement skill) and with a bit of editing can be simple to grasp.
    • Another player is hurt, cut to them crying out in pain as some monsters gain the upper hand, cut to their friend, playing a Guardian Dragonhunter, spotting them in trouble. Splice in some shots of them seeing the monsters, the friend, their friends HP bar shrinking, the Guardian soars through the air to land by their side on majestic wings, zoom in on the flashy glow of the landing, splice in a shot of that increasing their friends health by this action, then show the two proceed to kick the monsters butts.

    These are moment to moment things that happen in GW2 all of the time, and in my opinion are part of what makes GW2 the best at what it does. I know plenty of people I've talked to had no idea the game was so dynamic. Show them.

  • DrFox.8091DrFox.8091 Member ✭✭

    Quick question : Is Mordremoth really dead ? :p

    All kind of Trailer/teaser/adds are always welcome btw.
    Any communication efforts deserve to be greeted !

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Not to new players that haven't played Heart of Thorns?

  • this is perfect

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    @Mike Silbowitz.1827 said:
    Ok. Lets' play it safe first. I'm showing you a tourism ad.

    What do you think?

    Not bad... but can you do the City of Arah? I'll be impressed if you guys can pull that off.
    That said, one of the eternal battle in the Mists (PvP and WvW) would probably attract some new blood as well.

  • Ive been getting the "Been summoned" adds on youtube recently ;p They were amusing ;p

    Also overall I like the tourism ads. I dislike the charr one the most and like the sylvari one the most. Though that might just be my sylvari master race bias showing ;p

  • InvaGir.9158InvaGir.9158 Member ✭✭✭

    Should have advertise the game with the taxi video instead

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    @dace.8019 said:
    One thing I never see in ads for GW2 is the gameplay. (snip)

    I know what you mean. I still love the class intro videos they did before original launch. Even though those were like the Rytlock Revenant bit in that they showed characters absolutely annihilating mobs with spells that in the game don't do one shots. Here is the fan video that used the official ANet releases, editing and setting them perfectly to TSFH's Protectors of the Earth. (This is the original version -- the creator did another one after the Mesmer video was released but that killed the perfect pacing to the music imo).

    I watched that video over and over again. I buttonholed people at parties to show it to them. I shoved it in my family's faces, hoping one of them might finally want to try an MMO. Something like that is what ANet should be striving for now. Please, more of these showcase videos that show off the game animation and action!

    Edit: Ok, here is the version with the mesmer, since it's a better resolution than the copy above (I promise, the original was plenty sharp when I was watching it in 2012):

  • @Mike Silbowitz.1827 said:
    I love the standard you hold us to. We will release a plethora of assets to engage many different audiences. CG won't work on you and I am glad you are already a strong part of our community. Hopefully we engage some new players into our community.

    In order to engage a PvP audience, you could use actual in game footage, and in that regard we are sitting on a gold mine, like this :

  • Redfeather.6401Redfeather.6401 Member ✭✭✭

    That is a nice video. Looks fresh.

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    If the way Anet is monetizing the next season is the way I think they are, I'll definitely be hyped.

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    @Mike Silbowitz.1827 said:

    @Erasculio.2914 said:

    @Randulf.7614 said:
    On Reddit, there's a theory that this was actually meant for one of the other projects ArenaNet had been working on and, since those projects were cancelled, the videos have been repurposed. The first video does feel like an add for a mobile game, doesn't it?

    100 percent not accurate. All these videos were made specifically for GW2 with the specific intention of bringing new players into our vibrant community.

    I am still yet to understand what's going on ._.
    How does this videos can bring players to the game?

    I kinda liked the 1st video.

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    this trailer reminds me of Star Wars
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  • while I am not much of a fan of trailers like the one in the thread starting post, I am also probably not the target audience. I liked the 'Heist' ad and the tourism adds. But... they are funny because I already know the places... they might not entice new people to have a look.

  • wrathmagik.3518wrathmagik.3518 Member ✭✭✭

    So is this mis titled or is GW2 going completely free to play? Or is it staying the way it is now with buying the previous expansions and gem store etc?

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's a buy-to-play game; it also has a Play4Free element (extended trial, so to speak), which audience the video targets.

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    @zealex.9410 said:

    Is that Beyonce?