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[NA] [EST] Ethereal Host (EH) New Guild!

Zeek.6743Zeek.6743 Member ✭✭
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  1. Details
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1 PvX. Brand new guild wanting to grow. Only level 2 ~10 people currently and active. helpful when possible with question, guiding and especially for newer player and returning ones! Raiders, PvP, WvW, Meta Events, Dungeons, Everything.
2 Grow a good and large community of players to have fun and run guild events in open world pve and wvw. When available a guild hall claiming will be paid for once we get the guild level to do so.
3 No real requirements as I dislike the idea of 100% rep for guilds. All I ask is that you just be talkative :)
4 IGN for mail/whisper: Zeek.6743
Discord: Zeek#9508


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