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Guild Hall Activities : Griffon Mount Obstacle Course

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edited April 9, 2019 in Community Creations

I guess this is the place to post all the fun things we create in our guild halls? I was about to say that I wished anet had a forum spot specifically for decorating scribes like myself but then i looked further down and this topic kinda fits the bill. I know from looking on youtube there are quite a few guilds that decorate but here on the forums it seems rather empty. Anyways, I created a new "Griffon Obstacle Dive Course" in our [RAWR] guild hall. I enjoy building creative things in our hall as the main Architect and changing it up every few weeks. Nothing permanent, it all must be rearranged! I would hope there are other like minded individuals out there and am curious to see what cool things you do in your guild halls! :D


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