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Suggestions : Glyph of elemental harmony

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I'd like to see Glyph of elemental harmony to become a valid alternative to SoR and also decrease the ele dependandy on healing power for any kind of sustain, the following suggestions I feel would be in line with other professions are getting from their heal options, the heals on other professions have access to powerful effects when used in tandem with the respective trait.

Examples I am familiar with and that share a similar casting time of 1s :

-Warrior = Mending clear 3 condis and gives 10% increased dmg for 6s every 12s with peak performance , the best adept trait in a widely used trait line
-Guardian = Litany of wrath heal for a tot amount of 2k on average for being a meditation plus 1.7k base healing plus 25% of dmg dealt to enemies during a 6s period and in addition this heal can be used to great effect with the radiance trait line
-Ranger= "we heal as one" copy the boons you and the pet share, can be treated to gives regen and swiftness and to trigger an additional 2 condi clear with WS traitline adept n1

By comparison our Glyph of elemental harmony does nothing but provide boons that ele already can have in never ending quantities and the relevant glyph trait does nothing but provide the same boons again......and all this for the same casting time of the heals mentioned above, I don't find it very fair and for that reason I came up with the following idea which would leave Inscription out of the picture should the changes prove to be effective enough :

-Remove the boon and add the following effects

1)Fire : ** "Pyro essence reduce incoming condition dmg by 25% for 6s" **
2)Water ** "Chilling purification removes 2 condis" **
3)Air ** "Thunderous escape applies 3s of super speed" **
4)Earth ** "Geo armor reduces incoming direct dmg by 25% for 6" **

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