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[EU] Looking for Raid Static.

Good day.

Veteran GW2 player is searching for a friendly, english (or russian) speaking squad for W1-4 weekly clear.

After 3 years of break Im back again and ready to play again. I have experience in all PVE activities, including Raids.

Currently have full geared BS with meta builds and rotations.

For a few weeks Im trying to find not just a Static squad, but a community of friends to play with, doing daily Fractals, running Raids clears, helping each other and have a good time in game.

Usually I play 4-5 hours each day and 8-12 hours on weekends.

So if you are interested and ready to give me a try (or have any question), feel free to contact me in game: Icebrood.7846 or The Pedantical.

Im online every evening.