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What Will It Take To Change Master of Manipulation and Mass Invis

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Anet, I really appreciate the amount of dedication to improving your pvp scene in this game lately but I beg of you to look at the anti-synergistic interaction between the Master of Manipulation trait in the Chaos specialization and the Mass Invisibility elite being looked at. Basically if you have this trait and are running MI then once you finish casting it, it "buffs" you with reflect. If you so happen to reflect a projectile such as a ranger auto, then it bounces back and reveals you...completely rendering the purpose of MI useless. One solution (if you want to keep the projectile reflect) is to give Mass Invisibility the Ether Feast treatment and completely remove the elite skill's archetype and lower its cooldown to a base 72 seconds across the board. This change won't impact Mass Invisibility's functionality at all because Master of Manipulation is the only trait that affect manipulation skills.
I hope you take this QoL change into consideration!

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