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Weaver montage #15 & 14; Quacking Bedazzled Beedog Staff WvW Weaver

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Hello once again Guild Wars 2 Elementalists o7
I hope I've been keeping this content enjoyable and educational for any viewers, please feel free to discuss in this thread or in the YT video section.

Tried to make the music selection diverse enough, but, generally speaking I'm a metalhead so please understand I choose a lot of energetic songs (mature content warning). Also - to that one guy who consistently dislikes my videos every time I post them here, donno what your end-game is, maybe you're a rival weaver from another server or something, but I'm worried about you man, please come home, we miss you.



Staff DPS Weaver build #1 MARAUDER DPS: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQFAWnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglBALIAMAaA3t6YdtWoSWBOBA-j1RBQBA4CCkRlf4RHhJVCmQ1fWwDC4K7PEAAB4m3MAczbezbezb21t5Nv5Nv5Nv5Nv5NLFggKjA-w

Staff DPS Weaver build #2 GLASS DPS: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQFAWnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglBALIAMAaACVyKwJ4uVHrr1A-jlRBAB4pjYhHEgZKBB4CCc1+jyPKV/JAACwNvZA4m38m38m3srbzbezbezbezbezbWKABVGB-w

EXTRA BUILDS making lesser appearances in some videos:



| Solemn [PAL][shrd][wHo][DoM][BOZ] |
| YouTube Wrath of God Staff Weaver |
| Anvil Rock (main) | Crystal Desert (alt)

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