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Poisons in ...stealth?

Aavataris.5720Aavataris.5720 Member ✭✭
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The Trait of venoms of the Thief (Leeching Venoms) should be changed to another tree.
For example, in Mortal Arts is more related, like in topics and other traits, or in the Acrobatics tree there is no skill trait.

In Art of the Shadows it has little to do, it does not combine with more fulminating features and stealth traits, worst it means sacrificing Stealth skills for Poison skills, gained little or no benefit.

In short:

Move the Poisons trait to another tree, where it is used and combine

When are you going to make this change ?? It is long asked!


  • Dano.2408Dano.2408 Member ✭✭

    English is not my main language, did I understood correctly?
    So you want be able to exploit Poison AND Stealth at the same time?

  • Aavataris.5720Aavataris.5720 Member ✭✭
    edited April 17, 2019

    @Dano.2408 said:

    No, that is not my intention

    Hola, si hablas español?:
    Pasa que actualmente el árbol Arte de las Sombras incluye los rasgos de las habilidades de Venenos y de Sigilo, pero las de Veneno se desaprovechan en ese árbol (hay que sacrificar habilidades de sigilo por las de veneno y requieren un estilo mucho más activo).

    Deberían mover el rasgo de Venenos a otro árbol, cualquiera. Por ejemplo, el árbol de Acrobacias no tiene un rasgo de habilidades y el árbol de Artes Mortales combinaría mucho mejor (tanto por temática, como por los demás rasgos de ese árbol).

    A fin de cuentas es una petición que hace mucho muchos hacen:

    "Mover el rasgo de Venenos a un árbol donde si se utilice y se aproveche".

  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 16, 2019

    Condi is already strong in stealth because its not counted as an attack. The entire point of trait lines is that you cant have everything. You make a choice.

    Anyway I ran that through google translate to understand better:

    Hello, if you speak Spanish?

    Currently, the yearly Arte de las Sombras includes Poison and Stealth skills, but Poison is wasted on es annbol (stealth skills must be sacrificed for poison and I need much more active style).

    The Debian may have to go to the Venos, to the anyone. For example, the Acrobatics are now a breed of skills of the year of the Mortal Arts combining much more (for example, the roots of the fruit of the year). At the end of the day, it's a request that they've been doing for a long time:

    "Why do not you get rid of the bulls and put them in use?"

    The bulls are balanced IMO.

  • Aavataris.5720Aavataris.5720 Member ✭✭
    edited April 17, 2019

    At no time did I pretend "have everything", I did not say that.

    I said that there is a trait, Leeching Venoms, that is wasted because it is incompatible in his tree (having to choose between Poisons skills and Stealth skills as well as the combat style is also incompatible) and that they should move it to another. I even gave 2 options, explained:

    • Mortal Arts (more in common, in topics -venoms everywhere!- and with other traits)
    • Acrobatics (does not have any trait related to a group of skills, Shadows Arts have 2, Stealth skills and Poisons skills)
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    I think this should be moved into the Thief sub-forum.

  • Aavataris.5720Aavataris.5720 Member ✭✭
    edited April 18, 2019

    @Edge.8724 said:

    The problem is that in sub forums would go even more invisible.
    There are other similar discusions that also treat, or mention it, for a long time ago, and although it is an obviously necessary change (which means sacrificing skills by others, and they don't fit with the others traits of tree) they do not make the change.

  • I wouldn't mind this change to be honest. Would make the poison build more potent, as of now running poison utility skill doesn't seem worth it in terms of damage against survivality provided by other utility skill.

    P. S would also love poison skills to be more middle ground of stance skills and legend instead of affecting first few attack upon activation.

  • Warkind.6745Warkind.6745 Member ✭✭✭

    Condi in stealth is gross. No thank you.

    All is vain.

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