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[EU] The Arctic - Friendly, Active, PvX


The Arctic [Arc] is a friendly guild with 180 members looking for mature players to hang out and join in our events. Here are some of the things that Arc has to offer:

  • Weekly guild missions
  • Training and experienced raid clears every week
  • Low and high tier plus CM fractals
  • Extra events with prizes (quizzes and puzzles currently)
  • Some WvW (Gandara) commanding and PvP players
  • Discord server with approximately 200 members
  • Penguin-related titles (Yes, we are Arctic penguins. Polar bears can't hog all the fun!)

New and veteran players are welcome with no representation requirements! We only have 2 rules: be respectful of one another and 18+.

If you're interested in joining or have any questions, you can send me a message on the forums or in game to OpLickem.8250. We also have a recruitment channel on our Discord where one of our officers or leaders can send you an invitation or help.

Thanks and we hope to see you in game!

Bloodcovered Backstabbin' Blackjack the Blade, at your service.


  • We've had such a great response to this post so far. Thank you guys so much and it's been so great to find new members to play with us!

    We have a new role system on our Discord now so that it's easier for members to keep up with events in and out of game. Whether it's hanging out for a night of laughs while playing Jackbox, hosting quiz nights in Divinity's Reach or running group content like Fractals, Raids or Missions, we have roles for them all now so our members can be notified for what they are interested in!

    Our next quiz will be this weekend, Saturday, April 20th! Anyone is certainly welcome to join and officers will be present for recruiting as well. I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet but they're usually very nice! We'll be setting up shop in Divinity's Reach at about 7pm GMT. Topics are mostly about GuildWars lore but also RL events and this one will be themed around Easter!

    Again, feel free to send me a message if you're interested in joining The Arctic. Cheers!

    Bloodcovered Backstabbin' Blackjack the Blade, at your service.

  • Geiir.7603Geiir.7603 Member ✭✭
    edited May 29, 2019

    Discord link expired, so can't click there to join.

    I'm currently looking for a new home. My current guild had all its leaders just leave the game within a span of two weeks. They left me in charge of both the discord and the guild, and with no time to manage it everything just fell apart :/

    My in game name is Melder. Or Geiir.7603

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