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Profession with best chance at winning an outnumbered fight?

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I know this is a matter of skill first and foremost. Some are more suited to surviving in a 1vX situation than others though. Which do you think is best suited for this scenario?

Bonus points for why and explaining what it takes to win an outnumbered fight.

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  • What it takes is good cleave, a lot of mobility, and enough sustain. That or enough AoE burst to murder everyone before they can fight back. To that end, I've seen quite a few classes be good at 1vX.

    (1): The mesmer. Specifically the mirage. It has the ability to run around in circles, evade most things, and spam phantasms and clones until everything is dead. Though the mesmer has been nerfed recently, so this might not always hold.

    (2): The Engineer. Either Holo or Scrapper. The holo does a lot of damage in wide area, so two players can find themselves cleaved down at the same time. The scrapper has a lot of defenses and a lot of barrier, making it incredibly difficult to kill at times.

    At least those are the ones that I've taken notice of. I've seen a lot of 1vX videos on nearly every class, but those are the ones that really stood out. Also something that gets note for zergs is Staff Weaver, since the damage Meteor Shower is insane against another zerg.

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