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LF Raid Static team

andyrdv.4623andyrdv.4623 Member ✭✭
edited April 14, 2019 in Looking For Guild

Hello, I am Andy. I am looking for a static team that can fully clear w1-w4 in mainly a day (4-5 hours) and w5-w6 in separate days.
I main DPS (deadeye, daredevil, holo, dh, scourge, reaper) but have almost every other roles fully geared, just need to learn them. ( I am willing to learn anything as long as I can get almost all wings from w1-w4)
Got 400+ LI
Can do voice+mic, english secondary language
Only things I did not finished are Dhuum and Qadim, still training them.
Hit me up here or ingame for more details (time, days, etc etc etc) please ^^, thanks you in advance o/


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