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LFG, Returning Aussie [PvE], [Fractals], [RAID]

Hey guys
I'm Arzan. Returning player after a unbelievable long hiatus. A bit about me
1.Gametime - 2 to 3 hours a day
2.Investment - I'm currently level 20 but WILL BOOST SOON. I have both expansions and have bought 500 gold and have approx 8k gems which I hope will make me somewhat competitive. Not adverse to investing.
3. Currently only Necro
4. Location and Time zone - West Coast Australia, play from approx 7pm to 10pm GMT+8
5. Interests - I have 285ms pings so as much as I love pvp, it's hard to be competitive. As a former eso player I prefer dungeons, fractals and raids and am familiar with high tier raiding in other games (mainly eso)
6. Whilst I may not understand rotations now, I'm looking for a guild to mentor me and I assure you I'm a quick learner.
7. I have discord and am able to join other communications clients as needed.

Hope this covers everything.


  • Can organise a invite to [BoB] Brotherhood of Bogans for ya mate

  • hellsqueen.3045hellsqueen.3045 Member ✭✭✭

    Hey there, we are a pretty social guild on NA and many of us are associated on the eastern side of AU. We have people who try to dabble in all aspects of the game and can be pretty helpful in getting people on their feet.
    We are looking to grow and we have goals of getting enough members to do raiding.
    If you want more info about us, you can either check out:

    Founder of Affinitus Nemus [AFNM]
    "Join Us, We're Lonely" - Our Guild At Some Point