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Elemental Attunement

Not a major issue in the large scheme of things, but one Quality of Life fix I think it'd be great to see would be taking the buffs that are handed out on attunement switch from Elemental Attunement and granting them to the individual trait lines.

If I take Earth into combat, the best access to protection requires me to trait into it, and only happens when gaining auras (which can happen a lot or very little depending on other trait lines and weapon sets equipped). If I take Air into combat, I have to trait to get superspeed on attunement switch, giving up a damage buff or an aura buff -- and the aura buff is also the only other way to get swiftness out of the tree.

Seems pretty weird to me then that by going Arcane I get ready access to regen, swiftness, protection and might. I would love it if that trait stayed in Arcane, as it is, as a group buff, but by going into Fire / Air / Earth or Water you gained, without having to give up a trait for it, the minor buff associated with that traitline (or make it baseline that all attunements grant a personal buff associated with that attunement?).

I had a lot of fun last off season playing around with various fire/earth sword condi builds. They were awful - you melted in no time at all and had nowhere near enough condi cleanse / conversely could not damage those who did. But one of the issues with trying out these different lines was the lack of easy swiftness & protection access which is basically mandatory to survive in melee with a low health pool.

I don't think making either of these changes would in any way risk making ele too strong in any of the 3 game modes, but it would be inching other things towards viability and breaking up the x / arcane / water holy trinity of ele pvp. Arcane would still be very worth considering for its other buffs, but it would be slightly more of a choice, instead of baseline required. Besides, inching slowly towards better balance seems to me vastly more desirable than the massive nerfs / buffs we often see thrown around.

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