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I know it is an old wish that we get access to a chat API and was asked very often but I want to know if anything has changed.

Is a Chat API planned or is there any other way to access the chat logs because this would already help very much. I mean lets face it the gw2 chat works but that's it and if you are someone like me who does RP with 15+ people in the say channel you can easy miss something or lose track. That is why I think we could create a better chatbox with the chat logs or a chat api.

With this we could create a chat window where you can highlight certain words or character names so it is easier to keep track of the chat.


  • Raseus.2543Raseus.2543 Member ✭✭

    When I think about it, a better Chat working with the API could become a problem because the API does not update the information fast enough..

  • An easy thing to implement that would fit your needs would be to have the game save chat to a log file which in turn could be parsed by another program. Such a thing is out of the scope of here though.