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Lion's Plaza - Community Hub - Upcoming Events

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Lion’s Plaza is a gathering place where players, guilds and communities that are heavily involved with organising events can come together to share information, experiences, knowledge and most importantly advertise their events to the players on one platform out-of-game.


We are also partnered with some amazing streamers that help promote the world of Tyria.


Please note that we are a discord hub and open to all.
Visit our site to join:



Streamers:The Krytan Herald, AyinMaiden, Rejja on Air, FusedFlameJr, Rheyo, xalita, Zud, mystriouspoetjuh


Guilds: Legends of Avalon [LoA], Community Portal [PINK], Infinite Odysses [SOUL], Piken Square Dragon Hunters [PSDH], The Krytan Herald [NEWS], Triple Trouble Team(speak) [TTT], Musician's Guild of Tyria [MGT], Gamers Giving Back [GGB], Players Vs Events [PvE]

Ingame events are posted daily


Some of our major current and upcoming events are:

Now: Giveaway – Super Greatsword ~ ends Friday 19th April

Lion’s Plaza runs games, competitions and giveaways all year round.

20th April: Grape Stomp by Gamers Giving Back

Pre-event for the MS Toga Party.

30th April: TTT Birthday

Special Triple Trouble Runs and Quiz

11th May: MS Toga Party by Gamers Giving Back

Fun, games and prizes to win, all to help bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis.

26th May: FusedFlameJr Birthday Giveaway

Prizes include: Legendary Bolt and Twilight, Alot of skins, Razer gaming headset, Trust gaming keyboard, MSI gaming mouse and more


Please contact me either on Reddit or Discord (Karma) if you would like to join us as a Partner.