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[EU][PVX] LFG Returning noob looking for a home <3 [Desolation]

Hey :)

I have been playing GW2 on and off since release but I have recently returned and maining an ele and looking to dedicate more time to GW2. I am lvl 56 but got a few tomes of knowledge so it shouldn't take me very long to get to 80! I am looking for a very active and friendly guild where people talk when you ask a question and stuff xD I haven't really done any end game content, but hoping to learn in a relaxed friendly environment without getting shouted out when mistakes happen :)

I do have a mesmer, rev, engineer and thief all lvl 80, but they are just collecting dust and I have no idea how to play them lol

Live in the UK if that makes a difference and have both expansions :P


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