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Join <Larsen's Biscuits> [LABI]... the most aWeSoMe AU/NZ/OCX/SEA PvX guild, NOW



  • rcaneknight.4320rcaneknight.4320 Member
    edited October 1, 2020

    Hi there Arimir. I would like to join the guild if you still have space. I am in NZ, so GMT+12. Your guild sounds cool and I am looking at getting into raids but most of all I just like having fun in the game.

  • Hey, I'd like to join the guild! I play mostly during evenings GMT+8 (WA) and am looking for some more regular raiding, hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hi there, I'd be interested in joining your guild if you're still recruiting. My husband and I are both casual players and would love to be a part of a guild with people who might be on at the same time as us. I tend to play the most often, primarily in WvW, but also enjoy PvE. We both live in Australia, and currently thanks to having 2 young children, we're really only on in the evenings.

  • Hi i would love to join your guild but i play on EU servers would i have to switch to NA?

  • im NA servers so if u could inv me i would love that

  • I would like to join your guild too!

  • Are you guys still recruiting me and my friend are looking for a AU/NZ guild to join and cant find one I am in gmt +10 and hes in gmt +12, we are pretty much brand new and just need somewhere to get started and hopefully have a long lasting friendship with. we are down to try all content and help with whatever the guild needs.

  • Hello, if you guys are still looking for people i would love an invite

  • id like to join, im from brisbane