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[VV] looking for exp and semi-exp raiders (NA)

Voice of the Void is recruiting a raiding player base with the idea of being able to put together any raid on the fly and win. I have full cleared and comm all the things, and several of our members have CoZ and VitV. We want to have fun with people who know what they are doing and love raiding for the sake of it. This is not meant to be a static, but as we gather more players we will be able to clean up hard bosses that are pug killers and clear wings fast.

I'm on every weekday around midnight EST, and Sat/Sun around 3pm EST. I run and re-run wings all the time, and am always down to invade a pug run or start our own runs

For those semi-exp I am willing to train you a little on new bosses, but I can't be your primary trainer. We have information and resources in discord to help you study up on new bosses. then I can take you in, give you the run down, and kill it. Preparation is the key to working your way up to better runs with better people.

For those Exp maybe you already run in a static, but you're stuck in chrono jail and want a place to play something else. Maybe you are getting tired of pugging and want a guild full of like minded people, dedicated to the kill. Maybe you've experienced some toxicity in the past from people who had no room to talk. We are not an elite guild, for better or worse. We just want to git gud and you are welcome to join us.

hE.Ro#0940 is my discord tag. Hit me up, we'll talk and I'll show you around the discord.
-Hero, GM of [VV]

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