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Peak NA ranked PVP server time?

TL:DR what is the peak (server) time for PvP NA; when is it the most active?

Been getting into ranked PVP and have been finding that when the queue pops fast, I get mostly good matches, but if it takes 2.5-3mins and beyond, they are rofl stomp 500-10/10-500 awful messes.
Currently I dont have a "regular" time I play, so I'm thinking it may be down to this. Simply, I'm guessing that when there arent a lot of active PvPers queuing, the "MM algorithm" opens up and creates this uneven match making.
I could be wrong, but that's how it feels? Win or lose doesn't bother me, I want to have a fun match though.
If I'm right, then maybe Anet could look into this a little more; I'm sure people could handle waiting at least 5 mins for a better quality match.
Overall, just looking for the answer to the question, but happy to here thoughts on my theory.

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  • slimike.1693slimike.1693 Member ✭✭
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    Ajaxx is clearly trolling. Peak NA is 5pm-8pm Western (8pm-11pm) eastern. Give or take an hour or two. You will see the most players on at this time, also games will represent your MMR more, gold will be with gold, plat with plat, as there are more players online and it does not have to find people outside of your MMR.

    Heavens (kys)(RDRM)(XOXO)


  • Spartacus.3192Spartacus.3192 Member ✭✭✭
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    dont know the answer to your question but my observations match yours. What i do is if the queue times goes 30 sec past the "estimated" time i drop queue and re queue. This puts me back into the pool instead of the algo trying to shoe horn a bad team mix together.

  • @Spartacus.3192 i will have to give that 30 sec trick a go. Good to have at least a confirmation of what I had suspected.
    If we are right, they should really look into that, as I said, even just letting it take a little longer when searching for appropriate opponents may help.

  • @slimike.1693 thanks
    Yeah I realized after I accepted the answer. Thought they were talking in server time, so subtracting 8hrs would actually make it almost correct.
    Always forget to assume people would rather be trolls than be helpful.
    Thanks again... will try and get my PvP more in that time frame.

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