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E-Spec: Warden

(I've been trying to wait to release this idea until I have finish the entire concept, but... I'm bad with coming up with a trait system.)
I give you the Warden.

It's a Ranger Elite Specialization that focus on Defense (say if the Guardian and a Ranger had a baby, sort of).
The Professional Mechanic allows for 2 pets at the same time. They use a Shield in the off hand, and their skills set is called "Wards" summoning animal or control plants in their favor.

Prof. Mech.: 2nd Pet: Have both pets available while mainly controlling your primary pet. Use F5 to use your Secondary pet’s attack. Secondary pet only attacks enemies near player except when using the F5.
Weapon: Shield
Skill 4: Shield Drum- Used to taunt enemies and grant might to allies in the area
Skill 5: Shield Block- Block incoming attack and counter attack if when blocked.
Skills: Wards
Healing Skill
Healing Brush: Hide in the underbrush, granting stealth to you and allies in the area, while healing yourself.
Utility Skills
Murmuring Flock: Summon a Swarm of Birds to Absorb Projectiles, cause damage and confusion to enemies in the area.
Thorny Thicket: Create a thorny grove that cause cripple and bleeding to enemies who enter the area
Wasp Hive: Toss a Wasp hive in area, pulsing out damage, blind, and poison to enemies in the area.
Webbed Path: Create spider web along a path, so when enemies cross it they’re stunned and slowed.
Stampede: Summon a Stampede of Moa in targeted direction. Enemies caught in the stampede will be lunched and pushed away. Allies will be granted swiftness and protection by the stampede.

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