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Scepter nerfs



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    @nthmetal.9652 said:
    When I was using scepter, even before the nerf, I never actually managed to kill people with scepter 3. The circumstances would have just needed to be quite ideal to actually pull off that kind of damage. The attack also has a kind of obvious tell before it happens. Players, who know what they are doing were able to avoid it easily.
    Now I'm left with a scepter 3 with an obvious tell, that doesn't exactly even tell anywhere near acceptable damage - YMMV. I personally switched away from condi altogether to power, because the nerfs on axe AND scepter pretty much make it not really worthwhile for me. Power is fine, though.

    I personally run power Axe in WvW. The DPS nerf was felt, but was not quite enough to make DPS useless.

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