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[EU][Frac] Warrior Main lf Static (CMs+T4)


im looking for a daily static for CMs+T4, up for recs too but i can also lfg them.
Mainly played Warrior in Fractals, sometimes Druid or DPS too when i had to use lfg.
Used to play in a Chrono/War/3DPS static but i took a break from fractals for 6 months and the static disbanded in that time.
Id love to only play Warrior but i can reroll to sth else if War is taken in your group (it would take me a bit to learn the new role tho).
Since i returned to fractals a few days ago my LFGs went pretty smooth but the waiting time is meh so here i am :^)

If you got a spot left or are interested in building a new static with me feel free to contact me (german/english speaking groups preferred)

Discord: Znark#5423
Ingame: Fat Cat with Hat.9781