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[EU]Team Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is a long standing static raid team of 3 years , coming off a recent hiatus , looking for fresh faces to join in fray.

Mission Statement:

  • We are looking for enthusiastic, positive people that can take constructive criticism and ask questions.
    Be able to treat your team as your friends, have fun, be respectful of others to ensure that the group remains a social place whilst improving and progressing further in raids.

  • We use Discord for raids. We’d also ask everyone to have a mic, as it’s hugely beneficial and makes the group feel more cohesive.

  • Have experience on most of the raid encounters would be beneficial, however knowledge of every fight is not required.
    Experience may vary with every individual, just pm me and we can discuss what you've done so far and/or what you would like to do in the future concerning raid runs.

  • You don’t have to know how to do these extra mechanics now but just be willing to and offer to learn.


Classes: We like to share the support roles, so we’d ask people to have at least one support class [Chronomancer or Druid].

Meta builds: Meta is there for a reason and is something we will always incorperate in the composition of the team .
I do not discourage theorycrafting,but if you do run off meta please ensure that the build has the same qualities as it’s meta twin.

Currently looking for:

  • Experienced DPS(es) [ This includes power and condition classes ]

  • Experienced Support roles [ Such as druid , revenant, firebrand or scourge ]

Raiding Schedule;

  • Monday 8.30 pm- 10.30 pm [CEST] 2 hour session

  • Wednesday 8.30 pm- 10.30 pm [CEST] 2 hour session

We will merge the two day runs into one day session of 3h , when things are running smoothly.

For more info & a quick chat pm me @Noro.9680 in game or using discord @Soup#9401

Enjoy your day!

(PS: This is not a guild performing with x amount of people, but a team consisting of 10 regular static members. Supported by several subs.)