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GW2 and AMD Radeon VII

Hey guys! Is there somebody out there by any chance who runs a Radeon VII and tried to play GW2 with it? Other games doing great with this card but GW2 seems to have its problems with it. I am getting 30 fps with all graphics settings in game set to best performance. Weird behaviour, because task manager shows 100% usage of the card at that moment. But my previously used AMD Radeon R9 M395X performed just fine, in its range of capability. Game is not playable anymore, when I am using the Radeon VII.
Anyone out there who can help me with this issue?


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    Try uninstalling the drivers with DDU and then reinstalling them.

  • Did nothing. Same behaviour as described at the beginning. Other games run perfectly fine with this card and the respective drivers that are installed at the moment. Benchmarking the graphics confirmed also a working graphics card. GW2 does not make use of it. Idk y though?!

  • FYI: I think the real problem is that I am using this card in an eGPU enclosure through TB2. But this project saves the day:
    Did not know that this is a thing, but it works quite well. The boost makes the eGPU playable. And accelerates the power of my Radeon R9 too. Sad thing is that there is still no performance advantage with the Radeon VII in this particular setup. As a reference I know what a decent gaming rig with a GTX 1070 and an i7 8700k is able to achieve. And I am still not reaching that point even close with a much more expensive graphics card. I know GW2 is a heavy CPU game.
    So as a conclusion: Do not expect a boost in performance when using an eGPU for GW2!
    Instead tweak the software as hard as you can. DirectX9 is way too old. I do not know how I was missing this through all my research how to boost fps in GW2, but now I know.

  • I love the Radeon Vii, especially the vram space.
    you might need to use this driver : win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.5.2-june3

    Also the latest driver for 2020 are stable.

    As a side note, it could be that the power to the Radeon Vii isn't enough. Vega architecture can be Undervolted for better temps and performance. But, if your overclocking the Power demanded by it is pretty high. a 850w was needed for me to OC a Vega 64 then a 1000w psu was needed for a CF Vega 64.
    Radeon Vii runs good with the 1000w PSU but the Corsair RM850x good enough for a single Vega gpu. it could just be the enclosure not offering enough power or the Case enclosure isn't efficient for temps on the Radeon Vii.

    You can undervolt the Radeon Vii to about 1000mv(990mv if lucky) to help with temps and performance without increasing the power limit nor Core Clocks. You need to increase the Fan Curve to about 37-40% throughout first half of the curve then set the max to about 80-100% on load.

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