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Solo Dungeons as Ele?

I am interested in doing some dungeons. I am a returned GW2 player and pretty familiar with the game. I main ele and will use this class for my runs. Regardless of the answers given I will try on my own. I am curious though if tempest and weaver have made the dungeon paths trivial? I would rather get a group for dungeons but in the event its short or I just need to go solo I am curious what to expect.


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    edited April 26, 2019

    Well, I would assume your going to go full glass cannon and try to kill things as fast as possible. Towards that end, I'm pretty sure core ele doesn't have an opening burst that can compete with weaver or tempest. I believe with pre-blasting might, you will have 25 might for around 20 seconds? If the fight lasts longer than that, you may want to look into ele builds that can self buff, which I would expect tempest to excel at.

    edit: also since your a returning player, you might remember the harpy feather + executioners axe combo. That still works, and now you can add the axe to your novelties, and hot bind the axe. However, there is also a new movement tool, the choya pinata tonic. While in the transform, you can equip feathers and use them without leaving the transform, so its safer to use if your going to get pulled into combat. The tonic can also be hot bound.