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Komodo Dragons [IX] [NA]

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If you're looking for a community of knowledgeable individuals who love fractals and raids while pushing themselves to improve in a banter heavy environment then you might be a good fit for us.

Why should you pick us?

  • Active: We do fractals and raids daily, as well as dungeons frequently.

  • Social: We use discord actively through out the day and the majority of the day there will be people in voice chat.

  • Representation: We do not require players to represent the guild.

  • Max Level: Our guild hall is currently maxed out so max boosts and nodes are available.

  • Banter: We roast and troll each other all day and have a ton of fun doing it, if you're into this type of stuff it's a huge bonus.

  • Teaching: For those who are willing to learn Raids/99 & 100 CM we teach as long as you show that you are serious about improving as a player, taking criticism and being versatile (creating and learning additional classes).

  • Quality over Quantity: We value players in the guild who choose to play with us consistently, and we regularly remove players who choose to not be part of our community.

What we expect

  • Thick Skin: We encourage friendly banter in this community, we are NOT interested in players who get easily offended or encourage drama.

  • Activity: We expect you to participate in guild missions when we run em' (haven't ran them in like six months but who knows maybe that'll change lol) as well as help the guild when you can.

  • Discord: We expect you to have discord installed as well as a decent microphone, we also expect you to socialize with us outside of raids/events.

  • English: Everyone within the guild speaks English fluently and we'd like to keep it that way to prevent any communication problems.

If interested in joining hit us up by either mailing or messaging us.




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