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Our Worlds Anger

Guild History

The guild was created 5 years ago, and i am still it's guild leader. We thrived, and participated in many, many guild events. We moved onto a WvW / Raid guild and were a force to be reckoned with. Two years ago, i had to leave the game (real life happened :( ). As such, the guild essentially dissolved. Over the last 3 weeks i have been heavily recruiting and we are thriving again.

Our focus

  • PvE

    1. Dungeons
    2. Fractals
    3. Raids
    4. World Bosses
  • WvW

    1. WvW Guild events
    2. WvW Raid parties
    3. Obsidian Sanctum runs (so much fun! <3)
  • Spvp

    1. Unranked and Ranked events

Guild Ethos
We are a family orientated guild. We're not a super hardcore guild, nor are we a simple casual guild. We're a mix. Casual most days, but focused when events are run. Everyone is treated as an equal and the banter is just.... constant. It's what keeps a guild alive!

Guild Vision
To become what the guild was 5 years ago. A force to be reckoned with, but also a home for people who simply want a chat if they're lonely / bored :)

Guild events
PvP / WvW events are run almost daily, in the evening (6pm gmt +1 onwards).
Fractals / Dungeon events are run throughout the day, or ad hoc.
Raids are scheduled to be for weekends during the evenings (6pm gmt +1 onwards).

Guild rules
Posted within our discord - an invite is provided when you join :bleep_bloop:

Guild Leader


  • Bump please :)

  • Bump please :)

  • Thank you for the mails / pms. After a brief clear out of some inactive players, we've made more room. Recruitment ongoing.

  • Bump please :)

  • 14 spaces left :)

  • Bump please :)

  • We may also be tempted to accept smaller guilds merging with ourselves, providing they can transfer across to Ruins of Surmia, or are already based on RoS

  • Bump :) Had to remove some dead wood for the fire, more spots available :)

  • Bump :) Seeking both new and experienced members to join us! <3

  • Bump :) Raid is tomorrow, so if you join, you could make the cut :bleep_bloop:

  • Hey!
    I am sort of a returning player, at GW2 release I leveled a necro & guardian to lvl 80 (and tried out the other classes a bit).
    And after that I never really played, didn't do any group activities, no pvp, … just did the storyline and some daily quests or open world events to get to 80.
    I quit game because I didn't know anyone and during leveling never felt the need to do any group stuff, since I could do my whole story solo.

    Now that I am returning, I want to participate more in the social stuff (dungeons, fractals, raids, WvW, …) and was hoping to find a guild that can show me the ropes.
    I deleted my old characters to get a fresh start, currently I am leveling a sylvari guardian, but I don't like the aesthetics of it, so I'm going to start over a new character. So perfect moment to switch servers if need be.

    Would there be a place for a player/person like me in Our Worlds Anger?
    Is there a certain class that your guild really lacks? (I prefer Necro or guardian, but I'm open to learn new classes if it would help out my guild)

    Altho my experience with GW2 might be (very) limited, I have over 10 years of experience in MMO's and like to concider myself as a fast learner.
    If you wish to know more about me as a player or as a person feel free to ask!

  • I've sent you an in game mail. Better to discuss matters privately than on forums :)

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