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[EU][Frac] Looking for people to form a daily static for CMs+T4


another person and me are looking forward to build up a static for smooth CMs+T4 dailies. The exact time will depend on what suits most ppl.
We are aware that a lot of ppl are raiding in PvE or WvW or have RL stuff to do on some weekdays. Because of that we are also looking for backups. If you want to join as a main member you should be able to make it atleast 5 days/week tho (depending on what time we will choose).
We would like to go for a nonHeal comp. Recruitment is open for all roles for now, we will have to see who can play what on what day etc:

Power Firebrand
Alacrity Renegade
Banner Warrior

we are not aiming for super duper speedrun times, so having healing gear for situations where it makes things a lot easier is highly appreciated (Last Laugh on Bosses with Adds or sth).
While we dont put any KP requirements you should already have a decent amount of experience, we dont want to start at 0. Since this is a newly formed group however it is more important that you dont go full REEEEE when things dont go that well.

Most likely we will create a Discord Server for the organization, using Voicecom is not required.

If you are interested please contact me on Discord (Znark#5423) or ingame (Fat Cat with Hat.9781)