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Fashion Wars Runway Show: Mix n Match Armor



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    edited September 27, 2019

    After playing Bound by Blood I decided it was time to embrace my main character's role as a dragon champion and go all-out with a Champion of Aurene outfit, but I didn't want to just use blossoming mist shard armour, so I put this together:

    Icelord's diadem
    no shoulders
    Blossoming mist shard coat
    Chaos gloves
    Warbeast's leggings
    Funerary boots
    Holographics shattered dragon wings
    Claw of Aurene sword
    Heroic dragonsblood torch

    Main dyes are Iris and Robin, with various other blues and purples.

    Danielle Aurorel - Desolation EU. Mini Collector.

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    Haven't changed my character much since last, but here's his three current set-ups:

    1.Normal Operations (Changes: 'Shiny Rifle', 'Racing Goggles')

    2.Cold Weather Operations Kit (Features: 'Heavy Houndskin Mantle')

    3.Air Drop Operations Kit (Features: 'Legion Jetpack')

    Should be fairly obvious what my Cold Weather Air Drop Kit looks like.

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