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The Tyrian Bullet Club Presents: A "Den of Thieves" World Boss Train 5/8/2019 (NA) 5pm CST

Greetings, Tyrians!
In conjunction with the World Boss event on the week of May 6, 2019, We, the members of the Tyrian Bullet Club, have chosen to take this week-long event to a completely different level.
on the NA servers, at 5pm CST, starting In Queensdale, I, Sin of Anubis, and the members of TBC will be hosting a Den of Thieves WBT.
what's a Den of Thieves WBT?
glad you asked(or did you?)
This will be a unique world boss train, as the entire squad coming along for the ride will consist of ONLY thieves. that's right.... core thief, daredevil, deadeye... you name it... if you have the ability to Steal, or swipe, or mark, then you are able to join the train.
There will be an LFG starting Fairly early prior to our 5pm start time. the description will read "Den of Thieves WBT... Thieves only" and will have myself as the commander. think you got what it takes to ride this train? all we ask is that you show up, bring your guns, daggers, staffs, rifles, swords and shortbows. (yeah they won't let us have ALL the toys). and you're ALL IN.
remember... 5pm CST in Queensdale!
see you there! (unless you're stealthed).


  • Krathor.9514Krathor.9514 Member ✭✭

    Not on US (usually), but I like this idea. It takes advantage of something going on in-game, while putting a spin on it.

  • blackheartgary.8605blackheartgary.8605 Member ✭✭✭

    Yep... We keep eyes on the game constantly, including all the changes. when the time is right, TBC strikes.... sometimes from out of nowhere. we are a small guild consisting of players from all walks of life... but we have one collective goal... "go against the grain, do the unexpected, and build the community that we call home"

  • blackheartgary.8605blackheartgary.8605 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 8, 2019 this will happen tonight! i will be streaming this live! exclamation point! meet me in queensdale maybe? 5pm CST NA servers?

  • Krathor.9514Krathor.9514 Member ✭✭

    How'd it go?

  • blackheartgary.8605blackheartgary.8605 Member ✭✭✭

    we had a decent amount of thieves showing up, but not a full squad. however, 6 dedicated deadeyes remained with the squad for the full run and we ended with a successful post reset triple trouble kill at crimson. everyone had a great time!
    there was, however, a LOT of people asking about a mesmer event and..... we are planning it for the not too distant future.

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