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Heart of thorns story

Hey all. Returning player just started heart of thorns. Confused on what's going on with the sylvari and why does caith have a backpack I'm looking for. How and why this dragon came along. Everything basically. Is there a video or something I can catch up with? Thanks all


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    There is a 3hr play through of Living Story Season 1 which you can watch. I don't recommend it, but some people have found it informative. There is an in game one in your story journal directing you to an NPC with a useless video for background. Living Story Season 1 can never be replayed again so only videos or recaps will be accessible (there was very little story to be fair)

    More importantly, you are missing Living Story Season 2 which you can purchase for gems in your story tab. That will give you the answers to your stated questions.
    If you want a quick summary https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Living_World_Season_2

    Heart of Thorns is in fact the 4th story arc so it's understandable you are confused if you missed LS2 or even LS1.

    For future reference, expansions are not the full content. The game also provides Living World dlcs between expansions. They can be bought with gems or are free during the initial release window if you logged in during that time. The full arc so far is below

    Personal Story against Zhaitan
    Living Story Season 1
    Living Story Season 2
    Heart of Thorns
    Living Story Season 3
    Path of Fire
    Living Story Season 4
    Living Story Season 5 (forthcoming)

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    Use the Story Journal Tab of the Hero panel to see the history lesson of Scarlet's war and then play through 'living story season 2' as these bridge the gap between the core story and HoT. You'll probably find youtube counterparts to these steps but they won't be as immersive or as rewarding as playing through them of course.