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[EU] [PVE] [QQC] Quirky Quaggan Collective: your new quaggan home :3

zeah.1378zeah.1378 Member ✭✭
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Qo0o0o0o0o, QQC wants youuu!

Quirky Quaggan Collective is a chatty social guild focused on PvE and doing fun content together.
We have an active ingame life and an very active discord server!
If you are looking for a guild with chatty and helping quaggans that enjoy doing the game content together ,
this is your place. Noobs and veterans welcome! We hope to create a safe space for you ingame and enjoy together.

We host the following activities:

  • daily fractals (t1-t4)
  • pvp dailies
  • weekly raids
  • weekly dungeons
  • events on demand: hp, mastery and bounty runs
  • custom events: we hosted a riddle event and expect to host more custom
    events in the future: guild hide and seeks, more riddle events, fashion contests, etc.

What we expect from players:

-an engaged mindset towards the guild, and willingness to participate in the group activities that are organised.
-a good, tolerant mindset towards your guildies. This is a LGBT friendly community and we won't accept bad behaviour towards other members.

RAIDS: Looking to expand our raid team to comfortably clear W1 to W4.
Planning to move on to other wings and challenge motes when these goals are reached.
We accept people of all levels in the raid team as long as there is a will to improve and practice.

To join our guild:
Join our Discord, read our rules and ask for an ingame invitation to any leader/officer.


(Our squad proudly posing after our first Cairn kill)

(Guildie Challenge Crab Toss!)


  • Fnar.9725Fnar.9725 Member

    QQC is a great guild with a very active discord and a really great sense of community. There is always someone online and fractals are being done daily, raids are being done weekly (training and kill runs).

    We are very welcoming and friendly quaggans.

  • zeah.1378zeah.1378 Member ✭✭

    Today we started our second custom event!
    This time our guildies will have to mimic some screenshots the organizers took in special places of Tyria. We prepared special prizes for the 3 players with more points and small rewards for every participation.
    We sure had a blast taking the pictures x)
    Here's a pic of one of the answers of our past riddle event:
    "Anger and sadness hover on the same tree" We hoped many of our guildies would look in the Guild Hall ...

  • zeah.1378zeah.1378 Member ✭✭

    Boomping Qoooo

  • atd.9348atd.9348 Member

    I joined these guys a few days ago and they're super friendly, welcoming and inclusive. Very happy I joined :)

  • We had some fun yesterday while waiting for a pug to raid with us :open_mouth:

  • bump, bump, bumpity bump~

  • zeah.1378zeah.1378 Member ✭✭

    This sunday was dungeoneering sunday ! Three teams went clear every path of 3 different dungeons. Results: nice clears and lotsa fun in the discord server ^^

    Here's the Caudecus Manor team posing for y'all.

  • zeah.1378zeah.1378 Member ✭✭

    Bumping Qooooooo

  • [bumping intensifies]

  • We have had quite some new Quaggans in our guild and are still looking for more! :smiley:
    If you are looking for a place to chat or do fractals, dungeons, custom events, etc.
    Click on the discord link for an invite: https://discord.gg/Xx4bzWN

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