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[NA][PvX][DATE] Make Love Eternal, Not War Eternal! The Dating Guild's now recruiting new faces! <3

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Hello there! Name's Roxy! Before I start my spiel, I'm well aware I'll probably get flamed for starting a guild like this. I'm determined, however, and will power through the hate! I've always felt it was my calling to help bring people together!

Another thing: FRIENDSHIP is just as valued in our guild! Don't think you'll meet anyone special? Not currently looking? No problem! Come and enjoy the camaraderie!

Yet another thing: Don't join this guild if you're under the age of 18. Seriously, don't. I'll find out.

Anyway, on to what the guild is about, which is connections, and building those connections! Ever wanted someone to play the game with? Ever wanted to share the magic of Tyria with someone special? Well, so have I! Kinda why I started the guild, duh!

Anyone is welcome in our guild, as long as they behave, and follow our simple rules! Don't be an kitten, you MUST be over 18, don't bring politics anywhere near here, keep things chill. See? Simple! Beyond that, just settle differences in PM, and we're good!

The only REAL stipulation of joining is this: don't be surprised if someone flirts with ya! Also, please please please make an introduction on our Discord, it'll make things so much easier. It ain't hard, and you'll be promoted to a full member once you do!

Well, I suppose there's not much else to say! Our guild is simple and does simple things. What do you expect from a PvX guild? :P

Speaking of PvX, our guild missions are mixed, so come prepared for anything!

As I end my post, I'd like to say this guild is very new. Made today, actually! May 7th, 2019. I'll be very active myself, so if you're looking for an active guild, can't get much better than 100% of the roster!

I can be contacted in-game at "Moonbutt.6950", and on Discord at "Bavieca#0385"!
"Talen#6559" (TheDemon.4705) and "little amelia pond#0441" (Rose.8465) can also be contacted, as they are officers.

Our guild Discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/dENUZBM


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