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[EU] Returning player looking for static raid group.


The title pretty much says it all. I just returned to the game after a 6 months break, and am now looking to start raiding again. Unfortunately I didnt have too much time to raid the past year and a half, but I know all mechanics of every encounter and i've got experience from multiple high-end PvE guilds throughout the years.

What i'm looking for is a static raid group where everyone uses discord/ts3 and a microphone.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a group that clears every encounter on the first try. I'm willing to teach others what I already know, but also to learn myself.
What I do expect though is for everyone to know their class(es) and rotations, using up-to-date gear and traits.

My main class is Chrono, although I can also bring elementalist (tempest/weaver) and ranger (healer druid/condi soulbeast).
Currently working on gearing up other characters aswell, ready to spend my sweet sweet gold on whatever is needed.

Hit me up in-game and let's have a chat!


  • Yoooo! We are looking at getting a raid guild going, currently recruiting to fill a full fractal (both CMs) roster as a start, need a chrono main, interested?