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[Fanfic] All or Nothing: Requiem - The Commander

Hello Tyrians!

I was inspired by the recent Requiem series to post my version of what could be the Commander perspective on what happened in All or Nothing.
I wanted to keep it short and simple, mantaining the Commander genderless and raceless so that it can be read by as much general as possible.
The Commander images are actual fanarts that I had commissioned of my character with his Tequatl mini, but it was just to have a little more than just plain text.
I am no English-native speaker, but I hope I didn't do too many errors.

Enjoy and see you in War Eternal!

Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/gallery/ppDbR4a


  • I enjoyed reading this.
    I like your writing style and one can see the effort you put in it.
    Well done! :)

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