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Solo PvE - Can I swap from LB to SB?

I've been a mostly solo player thus far (aside from large meta events) trying to get my way through all the stories/etc. I ran LB + axe/warhorn until I hit 80 and went Druid as I wanted to participate in some more group activities/fractals/dungeons/etc. I stopped playing the game for a bit, came back, and decided to wrap up my HoT and PoF story lines as I have been all over the place.

I switched from Druid to Soulbeast in hopes of having more solo power/damage and now run LB + dagger/warhorn. However, I only have like the middle line of specialization skills from hero points unlocked thus far for Soulbeast (currently running around PoF trying to get more).

It has been mentioned to me a lot that I should make the switch from LB to SB (and power to condition damage). I can't tell by looking at it on paper if this will be as viable a solo PvE build for me or if this is more of a group/meta DPS build. I would like to hang onto my ability to solo well (I'm even managing in HoT though it is difficult at times with champions that have crazy break bars and stuff).

The seemingly only way for me to try it out would be to invest the time/resources into buying new gear, new runes, etc. and actually testing it out. I may still do all that, but was hoping I could get some opinions before doing so.


  • Thanks for the input! That all makes sense. =)

    I'm not really struggling in PoF open world at all. The adds are really annoying (i.e., almost never-ending at some times); but I've been able to take up to like 5 adds + a veteran hydra at the same time. HoT has been my main trouble spot so maybe I will try the bearbow combo when I head back there.

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