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Did any of you got any Super Rare loot from the World Boss Rush ?



  • If only I had a life that permits me to spend more time in game. But then, I’d be missing my children’s life achievements. (Overrated, I know. Still...)

    On topic, I got some rares and mats. That’s it. The World Boss Portal Device was nice to use tho.

  • VDAC.2137VDAC.2137 Member ✭✭✭

    Maybe they shouldn’t have included an extra chest at all but instead a limited-time achievement or ability to travel directly to the world bosses (like the portal)? I was surprised that things like low level mats were included in the chests, but I was not expecting anything super rare and so was happy with one skin I didn’t already have and having some fun with guildies and making progress on the first collection for Nevermore. Point being, I think those most unhappy with the event are those that participated well beyond any level that was fun for them in the hopes of getting one of these ultra rare RNGs. If that is all you’re participating for, of course you’ll end up disappointed. The only activities I do primarily for rewards are where the baseline is sufficient motivation for me (for instance I don’t enjoy every fractal but if it’s a daily I’ll do it) and any additional RNG a pleasant surprise.

  • Ran the bosses for a few days and then realized that I am better off spending that time picking my nose. Get better drops there than from the bonus chests.

  • MokahTGS.7850MokahTGS.7850 Member ✭✭✭

    You still make more gold from the SW Train and a lvl 55 bag opener. Working as intended. Make gold, buy what you want from the TP.

  • mtpelion.4562mtpelion.4562 Member ✭✭✭

    All I really wanted out of Boss Week was a Jormag's Claw Fragment. I think it is irresponsibly bad game design to have a collection start item be based on ludicrous RNG. Everything else in that collection is already time consuming and/or expensive to obtain, why make the kick-off item something that so few players will ever see?