[EU][WvW] We Pack [wP] Recruiting! 🐺 Small Guild, Family Atmosphere & decent memes! — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[EU][WvW] We Pack [wP] Recruiting! 🐺 Small Guild, Family Atmosphere & decent memes!

We Pack [wP] is Recruiting!

"Trust, Teamwork, Respect (& a decent amount of memes!)"
Server: Gunnar's Hold ( Make Gunnar's Great Again )

Our Vision.

  • Pack means family. You give what you can, when you can, to the best of your abilities. It is about respect, based on mutual giving. Pack has no requirements, it has no needs or desires. Pack is inclusive. Pack is for all. Pack is family. We believe that the strength of the community is to be found in the way you treat each other and thus words like Trust, Teamwork and Respect are the cornerstones of our group.
  • We currently have 15 members. All active and all using discord. We strongly believe in quality over quantity, and so when we are thinking about recruiting, we will aim for a few more new core members instead of recruiting the masses.
  • Where on discord our focus is on community building; Ingame our focus is completely on World vs. World. We specialize in Coordinated Roaming, Blob Busting, Side Flank (in coordination with main tag/comm) and generally being an annoying pain in the kitten to our opponents.

What are we looking for?

  • We are laid back, yet we always strive to win. Because of this, we are looking for people that above all are willing to learn. We don’t expect you to be the best, to play specific ”meta” classes, or always know the path to victory; we rather want you to learn from your fellow pack members and learn from your own mistakes. We feel that growing in this way, together, will guarantee us victory.
  • Additionally, like I said before, we are a group of friends, and in a way we are like family. We feel that in this light communication is crucial. We are looking for people that 1. actively use discord, 2. on voice, 3. with a working mic.

How do you contact us?

  • For an invite to our discord or more information, contact Jim#7374 or Lean#6766 on discord. You can also reply to this thread with your own discord contact details and we will get back to you. We are looking forward to chatting with you.


  • What is a WvW situation on Gunnars at the moment?

    Am currently on RoS and guildless so am thinking about transferring to some other server and you guys seems pretty interesting to me from what I am reading here, especially since I used to always preferred small scaled wvw, roaming and havoc squads.... ^^

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