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power Soulbeast - Wvw roaming vol 8

ill start getting ready for a pvp montage for the future, but for now i hope you guys enjoy. thanks
(build links are in the description of the video)

[HCM] -anvil rock | Top 20 pvp
youtube channel: https://goo.gl/LCoZL8


  • Dragonzhunter.8506Dragonzhunter.8506 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 14, 2019

    lol, the build with Siamoth I am using in sPVP atm. The traits line are the same. Only on utilities, I use "Protect Me" instead "Zephyr" and some times "Troll Unguent" instead "We heals as one". As Rune and Accessory I use Soldier and Marauder. The build is very powerful/balanced.
    Nice video Kiritsugu !!!

  • Zera.8907Zera.8907 Member ✭✭

    It never gets old watching your amazing videos. Good job as usual!

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