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[EU] [CnD] Crits N Dips | Hardcore Raid Guild Recruiting [18+]

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[CnD] Crits N Dips is recruiting.

We are a close-knit european raid guild with the goal to optimise every raid encounter to the best of our abilities.
We continuously strive to improve as a guild as well as aspiring personal development, while maintaining a familiar and positive atmosphere.

What do we offer?
  • An experienced raid community that is supporting each other
  • Several raids during the week, where we apply our knowledge and practise new strategies
  • An environment where people spend their time theorycrafting and analysing different approaches to raid encounters
  • Quickness and Alacrity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
What are we looking for?
  • Social players who are interested in personal development, speedclears, records, and having a good time
  • Dedicated players with a positive mindset who are open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Players with an excellent command of their professions
  • Players with optimised builds (incl. infusions) for their professions
  • Players with excellent knowledge of every released raid encounter and their mechanics
  • Players with a good computer and a stable internet connection
  • Players with a working high-quality microphone and the ability to talk proper english

Vacant roles as of May 12th 2019: 3 DPS Players

Mandatory builds - you have to be confident in playing all of the following:
  • Condition Mirage
  • Condition Holosmith or Condition Renegade
  • Power Daredevil
  • Power Dragonhunter
Optional builds - being confident in playing any of these would be considered an asset:
  • Power Chronomancer
  • Power Deadeye (Rifle)
  • Power Holosmith
  • Power Renegade (Alacrity)
  • Power Weaver (Sword)

How does the trial work?

You will have an interview with the guild leader or one of the officers, for us to get a first impression of you as a person.
Following that, you will join us on one of our raid days where we get a first impression of you as a player and test your performance under our terms.
If your performance looks promising, you will be officially invited to the guild for 2-3 weeks, where you have the chance to prove yourself.
We highly encourage you to ask questions during that period and, like every other member of the guild, participate in activities and conversations.
In case we determine you to be a good fit for our guild, you will be promoted to an official member of CnD.

Applying means you will be joining CnD as your main guild.
While you are allowed to represent and be involved in other guilds outside of PvE you are expected to be prioritising CnD over anything else.

Found yourself interested? Simply message us on Discord and we will contact you shortly after!

[CnD] Xyonon#4633
[CnD] Daed Dee#0815


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