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[EU][PvE] Guardian of the Faithful [GrFa] is looking for new or veteran dungeoneers. Dungeon Guild

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Do you like dungeons? Do you want to get into dungeons and learn more about them? Are you looking for other people to do dungeons with that aren't PUGs? Then [GrFa] is for you!

Guardians of the Faithful [GrFa] is a guild made with the aim of breathing life back into the dungeon community and creating an environment for players of all types (no matter whether you're newbie or a veteran; whether you're casual or hardcore) to be able to come together and participate in dungeon tours and other dungeon-related content such as lowmanning and duos and discussion of such.

Hello, dungeoneers. My name is Mike and I am Guild Master of Guardian of the Faithful [GrFa] Guild. We are looking for new or veteran dungeoneers who want to be a part of our dungeon community.


We are a main Dungeon community with +85 members. Our Guild Hall is Lost Precipice and is 8 level. Our specifically focus is on Dungeon content.

What can we offer you

  • A non toxic space to discuss dungeons with other dungeoneers.
  • A Discord server with helpful resources to help you get better at dungeons at a reasonable pace. We have a resources channel where video guides are posted showcasing various skips, tips and tricks you can incorporate into your gameplay.
  • A friendly community that doesn't take the game to be more than what it is - we understand that it's a game and if real life takes over then it's probably not your fault. Stuff happens.
  • Daily dungeon tours, and opportunities to find people to lowman with and learn from.
  • Veteran Players: We have a lot of old dungeoneers in the Guild who can give advice to newer members.
  • New Members: On the other side we also have many newer members who you can level, progress and learn with!

What we're looking for

  • You must be friendly, respectful, mature and patient. Above all else, we value our members' well beings and being better at the game (or having a bad day) doesn't entitle you to be toxic towards someone if they make a mistake.
  • Players of most skill levels (within reason) will be accepted. However, if you find yourself constantly wiping at bosses, or if you’re new to the game, this guild may not be for you just yet. (As an aside, you must also understand what "pathing" is, relative to GW2 dungeons, and how to deal with it. If you don't know what it is, there's many videos on Youtube about it.)
  • Someone who is willing to play meta builds. You will need at least one of the following (properly geared) builds to use while in dungeon runs with other players from the guild: Power Dragonhunter, Power Daredevil, Power Holosmith, Power Soulbeast, Power Berserker, Power Chronomancer, Support Chronomancer, Diviner Renegade or Power Firebrand.
  • You must be willing to learn and improve. We are all in this together as a guild and there is something that everyone can get better at, and if not getting better then we are refining our skills so that we can do the more complicated strats with consistency and confidence.
  • You must be active on Discord. You don't have to talk in voice chat, but our Discord is mainly where we discuss dungeon strats, post guides and videos, and so on and so forth. If you're unable to join our Discord server, you're missing out on a lot of valuable information.

What we ask of members

  • Be respectful of one another, we want to keep a friendly and leave any hateful, discriminative, disrespectful or toxic.
  • Be active: this doesn't mean you have to play X hours a week, but come along to our dungeon tours, chat with your guildies!
  • We require that members join our discord. We ask you how many you have hobby dungeon explorer, you'll be promoted rank up by Guild Master or Guild Officer.
  • Read our rules and instructions for more info when joining!

What we expect from you

  • Understanding how "pathing" works.
  • Ascended or Exotic(Berserker) is a must.
  • Power classes is a must.
  • Actively run Dungeons.
  • Be friendly.

How to Join?

The quick way to join would be to apply form at https://tinyurl.com/y3xevsar. After done apply, when joining you will enter a #visit-to-tavern channel and an Guild Master or Officer will contact you in there. Discord at https://discord.gg/9H5FR7U

You could also mail me in game (DeafMichael.9024) but this will likely take longer as I have quicker access to Discord.

Please be patient. You may join at a time when officers are busy (work, real-life commitments) and they may take a little while to get to you, but hopefully it should not be too long!

Thank you for reading! We are looking forward to your interest.


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