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[EU] [PVX] [WVW] The Dishonorable Ones is recruiting new and experienced players

The Dishonorable Ones is a new semi-serious social, family orientated guild, looking for any players new or experienced looking to truly be a part of a family within Guild Wars 2.

Guild Established

The Dishonorable Ones was established with one main cause, for any and everyone to have a great time and to potentially meet new friends to explore the world with.
Whilst we are still a extremely new guild, we plan to be here for a long time and with dedication comes great progress.

Main Focus
Our main focus is: to do as much as you want! Be it PvP, WvW or PvE, what you do within the guild is entirely down to you as we are all different and we all have our favourites therefore finding other guildmates to roam around with will become easier the more we grow.

Our PvX main objectives

  • Dungeons
  • World Bosses
  • Events
  • Raids
  • Fractals
  • Unranked/ranked PvP
  • WvW Events

Our Core Values

We want everyone in this guild to feel at home and to always feel welcome, you will become a part of our family after joining and will never struggle for people to chat with and to play with. We understand that life will always come first so do not feel like you need to be on all hours of the day. We are a semi serious guild but always respect and welcome casual members.

Guild Desires

To become a largely populated guild that is surrounded by positive people, have banter and to participate in events.

So if you feel like this could be the guild for you then either reply here or send a PM in-game to NotJordy.2368

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