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[NA] Looking for guild! [WvW] Pref

I just returned to the game after a year break. Things have changed, but I still am pretty much a WvW focused player at my core. With the right friends and stuff to introduce me I could definitely see myself playing PvE or PvP as well :)
I work third shift, so I'm on weird hours, but am constantly in WvW roaming and being a nuisance. I'm currently on Yak's Bend, who was previously Tier 2 when I left, but now it appears everyone is gone. Server doesn't matter, as long as guild or group of people to play with is a solid fix and I can play WvW in my hours I'm on :)


  • Weird hours, well could join the ranks of BoB. Got a strong Aussie presence on Maguuma.

  • I'll check it out! I'm usually on early mornings or sometimes in the evenings, I work 10pm to 6:30 am EST haha
    If anyone wants to contact me and i'm not online my Discord is Vent#9122

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