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Visual Error: Arah Dungeon Armor

Hi ANet,
I'm posting to alert you of a visual error with the male heavy dungeon armor from Arah (

When using the armor on my male Sylvari using the "high" graphical setting for Shaders, the armor produces an unintended "belt" of light around my character's waist. Please see the attached images:

Front view:
Back view:
Far view:

Interestingly, the "belt" is not present in the stats screen or the main menu character select screen:

This "belt" is also not generated when using the "medium" graphical setting for Shaders, as seen here:

In the case that this helps you, here are the skin and glow choices for my Sylvari:

I would really love for this to get tweaked, as I just crafted Sharur and am trying to make an Arah/Orr-themed character!

Thank you for your time and attention <3


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