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[NA] Recruiting Oceanic/SEAsian WvW Fight Focused Guild! Fort Aspenwood - Don't Be A Scrub [PLS]

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Don't Be A Scrub [PLS] is a Fort Aspenwood (FA) OCX/SEA timezone fight focused guild. We are recruiting people to join our roster as both supports and DPS. PLS focuses on individual players skills rather then the meta builds that everyone runs and we believe that if you get your job done, you have won the meta. If you enjoy out-sustaining outnumbered groups and doing massive amounts of damage, so much so that you are accused of using siege then PLS is the place for you to be. On top of that, something PLS does a lot on their free time is test specs and runes and hours of theory crafting to be able to put out such ridiculous amounts of damage per class. So if that's something you enjoy then you'll be in for a treat.

Qualities we are looking for:

  1. People who are willing to learn and improve
  2. People who are able to meet our timings (GMT+8 7PM, AEST 9PM)
  3. People who have subtle interests in dank memes and good jokes jokes (Better have a Kodan tonic XD)
  4. People who are cooperative and communicate often (Discord is required)
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY for people who are not toxic. WvW has been touted as a rather toxic environment by some and we are strongly against that. As much as it's a competitive game mode, play it for the game and not against the people you meet.

Classes we are looking for:

If you have something you run it's fine. You never know until you try.

PLS does not run like most WvW Guilds out there who take server pride too seriously. We run once a week officially but on other nights we go about running closed and focusing on self improvement or dropping memes and fat bombs. At the end of the day, we are all a bunch of mature adults with families and commitment and the game should be played as a game and not like a job where you HAVE to turn up 3 times a week. Henceforth, we have but ONE Official rally a week, usually on the weekends.

OhTIMOo.7920 (GW2) | T I M O#9984 (Discord)
Isaac.9215 (GW2)| Isx#8734 (Discord)
FrostCK.4508 (GW2) | Frost Ck#9079 (Discord)

Do note we are in FA currently linked with Kaineng

Here are some material for reference to our playstyles

10ish vs. an entire server

A recent compilation of our runs of the past weeks

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