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[EU][PvE] The Sorcerers Supreme is Recruiting!

[EU][PvE] The Sorcerers Supreme is Recruiting!

Hello, there fellow scroller of Reddit,

We are the Sorcerers of Tyria. We have healed the most severe wounds. We control the most powerful among the dead. We have shattered the walls of the strongest of castles. Durmand Priory be damned! We are the true Mage's Guild! We will go for all those kitten loot bags in the game which contains kitten loot which can be sold for a kitten price. Then we will become kitten-rich.

For those who are up to the challenge, we are recruiting new members!

  • Have you been playing Guild Wars 2 but have nobody to call your "friend"?

  • Have you been looking for a fun and casual guild but couldn't find the right one?

  • Have you been searching for a group of people to play the game with?

  • Do you want to help build this guild from the dust and blood of our enemies?

Well then search no more!

We are The Sorcerers Supreme!

  • A newly found guild which is in the dawn of its lifespan.

  • Our family welcomes of all kinds of players, from veterans to complete newbies, from casual players to staunch experts.

  • The guilds aim is to become a PvE based guild, however, like a chameleon, we are ready to change colors so that perhaps in the future might become a PvX guild as well.

If reading all this created a desire to join, but you harbor some fear of maybe not getting along with the members or you feel socially awkward, don't let your fears avoid you from giving it a try! We are all equally socially awkward and silly, you can be sure that there is a place ready just for you where nobody will deny or defy you!

So if you want to be a part of this growing family, experience a guild hall being built from scratch and actually be the one to build it, contact us on discord!




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