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[EU][Raids] DownState Syndrome [dS] is looking for more members.

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About us
We are small tight guild aiming for a static and reliable group for weekly raid clears. We clear wings 1-7 within two meetings (W1-4 Tuesday and W5-7 Thursday). Occiasionally we do CMs.

What can you expect
* Tight, friendly and chill group.
* Smooth full clears.
* No static set roles. We are flexible.
* Pugvendures.
* Alt clears.
* League of legends and TFT after raids.

What we expect from you
* Accurate gear. Ascended is a must.
* High W1-6 experience and at least some experience on W7.
* Good mechanic awareness and decent performance.
* [dS] will be your main raid group.
* Discord and ability to communicate in English. We love talkative people so reconsider if you tend to be perma-muted.

Trial consists of a raid clear together. For now we open recrutation for a player who's one of mains is BS.

Interested? Contact: Chaoxen.5413 in game or chaox#5405 in discord.


  • Chaoxen.5413Chaoxen.5413 Member ✭✭

    -- bump --

  • Chaoxen.5413Chaoxen.5413 Member ✭✭

    Recruitment is closed for now. Thank you for your interest!

  • Chaoxen.5413Chaoxen.5413 Member ✭✭

    Recruitation is open for BS mains or BS + DPS/Heal mains :3

  • nathan goossen.9546nathan goossen.9546 Member ✭✭
    edited July 13, 2019

    im intersted in joining main bs (power./condi) im 3 heavy/2 medium deep into legendary raid armor got fair amout of exp on 1-4(cannon job on sabetha is bit shaky but the rest is realy i can peform) . 5 and 6 i only struggle with dhuum greens and a 7 i didnt do at all so wil love to learn with you guys =)
    got full ascneded power/condi bs ready for battle
    thx for your replay (did ingame aswel)

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