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Does anyone use dagger in spvp

As title says, I'm trying to make use of the dagger skill set but it seems clunky as kitten, has anyone had any luck using dagger in pvp?


  • Alex.4982Alex.4982 Member ✭✭

    You could probably make a gimmicky condi build and use it with torch and shortbow in unranked to surprise some folks on occasion. I wouldn't take it into ranked though, as you're most likely going to drag your team down.

  • Durzlla.6295Durzlla.6295 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I’m assuming you’re talking about main hand? Cause off hand dagger is still alright, adds a nice evade frame, and then it has the 5 I guess.

    The main hand though, I’ve tried so hard to do something with, the auto attack chain just feels like it takes too long without quickness, the leap has way too long of a CD recharge (kitten 15s for a 400 range leap?), and the 2 skill doesn’t really do anything of note.

    The weapon as a whole is just horribly undertuned, and I can’t see it working well competitively compared to any other weapon choice.

    It’s like Anet has the idea of “let’s give rangers a super aggressive dagger weapon.” For the theme, and then just decided 0 defensive skills and only meh damage and 0 cc, and poor mobility was good enough.

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  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Nope. Not one of them.

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