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  • Chadramar.8156Chadramar.8156 Member ✭✭✭
    I'd prefer less emphasis on all three and more on open world content (including world bosses)

    Open world -- and story -- all the way.

  • SmirkDog.3160SmirkDog.3160 Member ✭✭✭
    I'd prefer more emphasis on traditional dungeons (new and existing) and less on FoTM and/or raids

    I would love more actual dungeons again. Raids don't interest me, I only did Fractals for a while to get a Fractal weapon, and world bosses are fine but waiting around for them isn't how I like to play.

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  • Kichwas.7152Kichwas.7152 Member ✭✭✭
    I'd prefer more emphasis on traditional dungeons (new and existing) and less on FoTM and/or raids

    I'm a dungeons player - it's what I enjoy in MMOs.

    Small group instanced tactical content.

    I guess that's why I was able to find myself enjoying Overwatch, even though the only non-MMO I'd played before that in the last 20 years was Civilization.

    Open world doesn't cut it for me - it's just a jumbled zerg of strangers.
    Raids don't cut it for me - there is too much "hyper organization" needed outside of the actual content. Organize a large group of people's hobby time, skill, and builds.

    Fractals is like everything that could be WRONG about "small instanced group play" put together: Too much emphasis on hyper-specific builds, too gated, too tiered, too hardcore.

    PvP / WvW: just not my thing. I appreciate that WvW is a major selling point of GW2 though. It is a very well done example of PvP - just isn't my brew of coffee.

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  • only casual solo for OW
    put the rest in instances, where they can acutally control the number of players
    if they dont, we just end up with the usual zergs, that they cant balance properly anayway

  • PopeUrban.2578PopeUrban.2578 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 12, 2017
    I'd prefer more emphasis on FoTM and less on raids

    I voted for fractals because I think the length and adjustable challenge level of fractals is a better take on GW2's combat mechanics than traditional release dungeons with the same storytelling potential, and it has significant daily rewards alongside acceptable rewards for further play. If there's one part of the game I wish got more content more often it would be fractals. They have multiple difficulty levels so everyone can experience the content, tiered in such a way that they're rewarding for all skill levels, with sufficient additional complexity for higher level play, and they can be completed even at the highest difficulty level by any random PUG as long as everyone knows how to play their build well.

    However good world bosses and metas are a close second. I think bounty champions are a good start in that the fights are accessible and mechanically complex but due to their spammability they are intentionally unrewarding. The replayability granted by the combination of randomized and static mechanics in those fights is great though, as is the overall mechanic of the bounty board.

    Some of the best open world content in the game, in my personal opinion, is the more mechanically complex metas like octovine, vinewraith, or the last few phases of DS, where the entire structure requires teamwork and mechanical knowledge from all players but encourages replayability due to multiple cooperative paths. The "bad" world bosses are things like most of the core world bosses, which are perfectly tuned for the newer players that those level ranges are aimed at but a bit too simplistic and dull for expansion content five years on. I wouldn't want those existing bosses changed, but when we're in a third expansion for the game and a world boss is limited to "dodge circles and attack it" It gets dull very fast and does very little to present a challenge appropriate to seasoned players fitted out in top tier equipment.

    I'm also against another expansion that goes all in on timed zone metas, but I'd love to see one DS style "all meta" zone per expansion as the spectacle and experience of a long pve assault is a really good one. For other metas I'd like to see systems similar to the beginning of DS, or to the bounty boards, where players in a sufficient enough number that want to do the content simply gather in an area of the map, and it kicks off the event chain immediately. Give them good mechanics and solid rewards with a daily cooldown and sprinkle them liberally through the zones alongside all the soloable normal events.

    But lets not go crazy. Not every zone needs to be all about a world boss or a meta event. I've rather enjoyed the lax pace of exploring PoF zones, but I think anet overadjusted with doing five maps of that. I'd love to see a half and half approach in further expansions, with maybe two zones completely chill and exploration focused, two zones mostly exploration focused with a meta that disrupts them occasionally much like core zones, and one 'all meta' zone for a central battle/scene of that narrative to really deliver that epic battle of competing armies experience.

    And, honestly, I think raids are at a good point in the game. The team isn't overly focused on them to the exclusion of all else, the wings come out reasonably frequently for content of that type, and the rewards are appropriate for the difficulty/coordination. I wouldn't change anything about how the raid team is handling stuff.

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  • Haishao.6851Haishao.6851 Member ✭✭✭
    Other - discuss in comments

    Dungeons + Open World
    I never really cared for fractals and raids because they look expensive if you play more than 1 character and build.

  • Ceridwen.6703Ceridwen.6703 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 12, 2017
    I'd prefer less emphasis on all three and more on open world content (including world bosses)

    My overall preference is for open world, with additional bosses and lore stuff, but I'd also like some extra town style locations like Ebonhawke (and player housing map instances reflecting local flavour, i.e. Ascalonian/Charr, Krytan/Hunman, etc). I'd also love permanent solo and duo-based dungeon instances.

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